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Pa. Raghavan (Born October 08, 1971) is a leading writer from Tamilnadu. He has written novels, short stories and political history books. He has received the Bharatiya Basha Parishad Award in 2004.

Life and Education

Pa. Raghavan, often called as Para, was born to R.Parthasarathy and P. Ramamani    in Adayar, Chennai. His father hailed from Thanjavur District of Tamilnadu and is from a family of teachers. His father had a career in education starting as a teacher and held various posts such as Head Master, District Education Officer before retiring as the Deputy Commissioner in the Department of Education. He wrote short stories and poems under the pen name R.P. Sarathy. He has also translated books such as Baba Nama, Mahavamsa and India After Gandhi. Due to the nature of his father’s job, the family had to shift to various places and Para attended different schools in these places to complete his education. The family finally settled in Chennai and Para completed his diplomo in Mechanical Engineering in the Central Polytechnic, Chennai. Today, Para lives with his wife and daughter in Chromepet, Chennai.


Professional Career

Para was very interested in writing from early days. His first published work was a Children’s Poem in the Tamil Magazine ‘Gokulam’. Although he was writing continuously from then on, Para says he was able to master the technic of writing only after he got the friendship of Ma.Ve. Sivakumar, one of the great Tamil writers in 1989. In 1990, a story of his was published in the reputed magazine ‘Kanaiyazhi’ which got him the attention of the Tamil Literary community.

Para entered into the Tamil magazine arena through his story ‘Mohenjodaro’, a critical review of the events that happened due to the Ram Janma Bhoomi – Babar Masjid issue, which was published in the magazine ‘Kalki’. He joined the maganzine and was its Assistant Editor from 1992 to 2000. He worked in ‘Kumudam’ after that for three years. He became the editor of ‘Kumudam Junction’ when it was launched.

In 2004, he quit the magazines and entered the publishing industry. He joined as the Chief Editor of ‘Kizhakku Publications’ and was instrumental in bringing out their ’Nalam’, “Varam’ and “Prodigy’ line of books. He was in charge of the publication of over a thousand books and his work in publishing is still spoken about. He left this and turned a full-time writer in 2011. He has penned Thirteen novels and over 50 political history books.

Writing Career

Till the year 2000, Para had been writing only short stories and novels. When he joined ‘Kumudam’ he wrote a series on the political history of Pakistan. The success of that prompted him to concentrate more on political history. He then wrote ‘Dollar Desam’ (American Political History), ’Nilamellam Raththam’ (On Israel – Palestine issues), ‘Mayavalai’ (On International Terrorism) amongst many other books in this genre. He was known to explain complex political issues in simple language for a layman to understand.

He returned to fiction, in the year 2017, with his novel ‘Poonai Kathai’ based on his experiences in the entertainment industry.  He followed that up with ‘Yathi’ exploring the world of Sanyasis. Para had spent time with sanyasis for a brief period to satisfy his spiritual needs. He says his meeting with Swami Thapasyananda of Ramakrishna Mutt gave him the balance he was looking for and he realized that his mission is to write. After Yathi, his new novel Iravaan was published in 2020 January.

Television Career

When he turned a full time writer, Para also started writing screen plays and dialogues for television serials. He has worked in over 15 serials. He has penned the screen play and dialogues for the serial ‘Vani Rani’ from 2011 to 2018 encompassing over 1750 episodes. This is considered a record in the Indian television industry.

Film Career

Para has also written the dialogs for two Tamil movies – ‘Kanakavel Kakka’ in 2010 and ’Thambi Vettothi Sundaram’ in 2011.



  1. Alai Urangum kadal
  2. Puviyiloridam
  3. Mellinam
  4. Alagilaa Vilayaattu
  5. Thoonilum Iruppaan
  6. Rendu
  7. Kosu
  8. Kal Kilo Kadhal Arai Kilo Kanavu
  9. Poonai Kadhai
  10. Yathi
  11. Bulbulthara
  12. Iravaan

Short Story Collections

  1. Nilaa Vaettai
  2. Moovar
  3. Paravai Yuddham
  4. Kudhiraigalin Kadhai
  5. Malumi


  1. Unsize
  2. Kutriyalulakam
  3. Inky Pinky Pongy
  4. Sandhu Veli Nagarigam


  1. Prabhakaran Vaazvum Maranamum
  2. Mayavalai
  3. Taliban
  4. Pervez Musharaf
  5. En Peyar Escobar
  6. ETA : Or Arimugam (About Spain’s ETA) 
  7. Aum Shinrikyo : Or Arimugam 
  8. ISI Nizhal Arasin Nija Mugam
  9. Lakshar E Taiba : Or Arimugam
  10. Jama Islamia : Or Arimugam  
  11.  Hezbollah : Or Arimugam  
  12. Al Qaeda : Or Arimugam 
  13. Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam
  14. Hitler
  15. Nilamellam Raththam
  16. Dollar Desam
  17. 9/11 : Soozchi Veezchi Meetchi
  18. Pak Oru Puthirin Sarithiram
  19. Kashmir 100 C
  20. Maoist : Abayangalum Pinnanigalum
  21. RSS: Varalarum Arasiyalum
  22. Sarvathikarathil Irundhu Jananayagathirku
  23. Oil Rekhai
  24. Kalavara Kaala Kurippugal
  25. Adipparu Mangaththa
  26. Ponnana Vaakku
  27. ISIS- Kolaikaran Pettai 

Children’s Books

  1. Mozart
  2. Hitler
  3. Jaina Madham
  4. Irandam Ulagap Por
  5. America Viduthalaip Por
  6. Islamiya Madham
  7. Puthaiyal Theevu
  8. Ice Cream Bootham

Essay Collections

  1. Excellent!
  2. Jeyitha Kathai
  3. 154 Kilo Byte
  4. 24 Karat
  5. Pin Kathai Surukkam
  6. Unavin Varalaaru
  7. Open Ticket
  8. Moondrezhuththu


  1. Yanni: oru kanavin kathai
  2. Poliga Poliga – Ramanujar

All the above mentioned books are available in Kizhakku Pathippagam and Amazon Kindle.

Television Serials

  1. Ketti Melam (Jaya TV)
  2. Malargal
  3. Sivasakthi (Sun TV)
  4. Vani Rani (Sun TV)
  5. Kalyana Parisu (Sun TV)
  6. Kanmani (Sun TV)
  7. Uthiri Pookkal (Sun TV)
  8. Chellame (Sun TV)
  9. Munthanai Mudichu (Sun TV)
  10. Mane Devuru (Udaya TV)
  11. Muththaram (Sun TV)
  12. Chellakkili (Sun TV)
  13. Devathai (Sun TV)
  14. Puthukkavithai (Vijay TV)
  15. Kalyana Parisu (Sun TV)
  16. Siva Sankari (Sun TV)
  17. En Iniya Thoziye (Raj TV)
  18. Arundhathi (Raj TV)


  1. Kanakavel Kakka(2010)
  2. Thambi Vettothi Sundaram (2011)


  1. Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad (2004)
  2. Best Novelist by Ilakkiya Peetam for his novel Alakila Vilaiyattu (2003)
  3. Tiruppur Tamil Sangam Prize for his novel Mellinam (2006)
  4. Kambam Bharathi Ilakkiya Peravai Award for Iraq Plus Saddam Minus Saddam (2008)
  5. Sun Best Dialog Writer Award for Vani Rani Serial (2018)
  6. Vasaka Salai Best Novelist Award for Poonai Kathai (2018)
  7. Lilli Deivasikamani Memorial Award for Paravai Yuddham (2003)

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